Work Process


Sportsmania is created for lovers of sporting activities. It is community-driven by passionate sports fans and has a decentralized sports prediction platform using blockchain technology. It is a well known fact that sporting activities has the power to unite communities by connecting different people with sports that they enjoy irrespective of age, gender, race, ethnicity, culture or nationality.

This is an innovative and unique sports prediction platform where sports enthusiasts are able to predict scores of real live sporting events and win 2-100x of their investment. Through this, people are able to earn passive income while doing what they love.

In addition, Sportsmania has unique NFT collection of the legends of different types of sporting activities.

Work Process

Sports Legend NFT

All sports in the world have legends that have played them over the years and brought happiness and smiles to the faces of millions of people around the world. We have a collection of NFTs of legends and heroes of these sports.

✨ First collection to be released is the Football Legends NFTs

✨ Second collection to be released is the Basketball Legends NFTs

✨ These will be followed by Tennis, Cricket, Baseball, Rugby, Golf Legends NFTs

✨ The minting fees for these NFTs will be used as follows

30% buyback/burn of $SPM to increase the price floor

35% as lottery to be won by 5 lucky NFT minters

35% for CEX listings and more marketing

How it Works

Think you are knowledgeable or intuitive enough to predict scores of real Sports Matches of the sports you love?

  • Test your prediction skills and 2x or 100x your investment while at it. All this with little or no risk of losing your initial investment. Nothing could be more fun!!!

  • Players are able to predict live scores and win 2x-100x of their ticket amount. Players can predict scores of up to 4 matches per ticket. Minimum ticket amount is 20$ and can be bought with $SPM tokens, ETH, USDC or USDT.

    There are 8 modes players can enter to predict. They are 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x and 100x modes. Each mode has a different platform fee and winning ratio.

    There are lots of real live matches to choose from to predict their scores and win. To win, the player must correctly predict scores of 3 out of the 4 matches in the ticket.

    What if the player does not get up to 3 correct predictions? Not to worry!!! The player gets back the amount in the ticket minus platform fees.

Work Process


For example, if buy a 1 BNB ticket:

Ticket Amount Mode Played Gain Amount
1 ETH 2x 2 ETH
1 ETH 3x 3 ETH
1 ETH 4x 4 ETH
1 ETH 5x 5 ETH
1 ETH 10x 10 ETH
1 ETH 10x 20 ETH
1 ETH 50x 50 ETH
1 ETH 100x 100 ETH


SportsMania Tokenomics


Transaction Taxes

  • 6% Tax on every Buy and Sell

  • ✅ 2% for marketing to ensure continous stream of new investors and value addition
  • ✅ 2% is automatically added to the liquidity pool which will allow token holders to easily trade their tokens at anytime with little price impact.
  • ✅ 2% for the project developers.
  • ✅ Max transaction: 3% (30,000 tokens).
  • ✅ Max Wallet: 3% (30,000 tokens).
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